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A necessary update (8/26/2008)
If you’ve read the account of our summer move, moving woes, and eventual relocation into the heart of Austin, then you already know there has been chaos in our family for lo these many months. Part of our continuing journey has been the decision to prayerfully re-engage with the institutional schooling system, but with Austin ISD this time. Today is day 2.

May God help Tam and I to be more intentional in discussion and guidance, and more prayerful privately and with our family.

August 2007
Really, this is just the introduction to our family’s webpages. The initial event to facilitate this blog is beginning homeschooling. For several years we have been avid supporters of a private Christian school in Austin. We continue to cheer for them. By necessity, we must do so without our cash and therefore without our children’s participation. Doubtless, the curriculum we’ve been blessed with is vital. However, the planning Tamara applies every day, our corporate and individual prayers, and the Father’s guidance is the anchor in this effort. Here is our pledge and daily prayer:

God's ever vigilant love guides
   our hearts.
May we bring Him glory
   By diligent work;
   By kindness, patience, and
      helpful encouragement to
      each other - our classmates;
   By honoring our father and
      mother - our teachers;
   And without complaint, with
      superior attitude, and
      zealous perseverance, to
      always strive for
      humble perfection.

However, our family page incorporates more than school. A snapshot of daily life should be evident in these pages as well. At least, we will endeavor to make it so.

Grace and peace to you.

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