Field Trip #1 – Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool – Southwest Austin

A destination we’d never explored before, a quite a few long time Austinites insisted it was worth the short trip to the southwest side of Austin. Full of history and natural beauty, Hamilton pool held countless wonders for the hearty adventurer. For more info, click here. To see the location, click here.

.HP - the start of the journey
The start of the journey.

HP - the grotto's flora
The grotto’s flora and fauna.

More flora
More flora.

More fauna.
More fauna.

Flora or fauna? Nope, just moss.
Does this count as flora or fauna?

Across the bridge
Across the bridge. Fly…you fools!

The waterfall
The waterfall in full force.

Another angle.

Yes, little monkeys can swim.
Yes, little monkeys can swim. Who knew?

Now that's brave for a little monkey
Now that’s brave for a little monkey.

Word to your mother
Word to your mother.

It was a busy day
It was a busy day all the way around.

Even the mascot made it back in one piece
Even our mascot, Super Tri, not Moses, made it back in one piece. Although Moses returned unscathed as well.

For the full set of pictures, click here.

Primary photographer: Tabitha
Secondary photographer: Mom



  Aunt Kate wrote @

I think Aunt Kate and Uncle Jon need to explore this place!! Is it as beautiful at FCFs? It looks like a lot of fun!!

  Marquita Moss wrote @

These pictures are fantastic. I bet you learned a lot at Hamilton Pool and had fun, too.

  Grandma wrote @

This has got to be the prettiest place ever! It almost looks like Fall Creek Falls! Will you guys take me there the next time I come to Austin?

I love you guys!

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