Directing the Learning Process

In the investigation to determine how to do home school, we spent time with 3 families that had done this for years. There were lots of good information over those early days of August. Much of our time was then spent investigating the 3 or 4 possible contenders in curriculum. Initially, we seriously considered using Abeka. The books are used at BCS and seem tried and true. However, we didn’t stop our investigation there. After discarding a few undeserving possibilities, we investigated Sonlight.

Sonlight stood up to the test of orthodoxy quite well. In fact, the overall information they provided revealed to us a lot of wisdom. Then if we weren’t totally sure that these people were committed to quality, the complex process of selecting our exact curriculum was well managed by their online guides and easy access to real people at the home office.

We’ve chosen 3 different syllabus for each of our older children. Though the guides were clear that our 2 girls could have studied the same syllabus, we chose otherwise. Tabitha’s primary coursework is directed to the studies of the Far East. Charity is studying the native people of America. And Judah’s core reading is simply centered around World History beginning with Creation up to the Roman Empire. I’ve saved our book list from Sonlight here.


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