Field Trip #5 – Georgetown Lake and the San Gabriel River

Since last week was a fairly expensive whirlwind tour for us, mom was just returned from an awesome but draining conference, and we were on the cusp of our trip to Big Bend National Park, we stayed close. Historic Georgetown lured us in with the promise of rocky cliffs, lively lakes, flopping fish, rushing rivers, superb swimming, beautiful bike trails, and historic hikes. The actual experience fell somewhat short. OK, a lot short. First we circumscribed the lake. This was done in an effort to discover a notable biking path. However, we discovered that the sizable and recent rainfall still held the many of the park areas closed to the public. Once we found a ranger, he wasn’t much help. Please, use better judgment and don’t swim here! “Remember, we lost a child 6 weeks ago in a lake 40 miles south. Better safe than sorry.” OK mister ranger, point taken. And what do we do…? We move onto the next park! After completing the circuit around the 10 mile lake, we headed for the San Gabriel River Park in the heart of ole Georgetown.

The river looked inviting due to the heat, but we stayed away…mostly. Moses definitely had the most fun. They had lots of cool stuff for 4 and 5 year olds. He declared this to be the site of his next birthday!

Discovering nature first hand. A small inlet of the river made a fun play place.

The majestic goose. Can that be right? He did chase us.

Oh yes. Too fun.

Need some help? You look tired sis.


The 4 dwarves: Grumpy, Pleasant-Almost-Always , Are-You-Kidding, and Happy.

This epitimizes this trip.

To see all the pictures, click here.


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