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Giving Thanks in St. Louis

Austin to St. Louis is a nice, long trip. Many of the comforts of home can and did travel quite easily with us: food, cold drinks, CDs, and DVDs. Everyone had their own set of headphones. This once again left mom and dad with hours of reading to one another. We easily finished “Birdwing” and were wishing we’d brought another one.

The children enjoyed their time with their cousins, Ryan and Reid. They composed and performed a pair of songs with Reid. Reid played keyboard and guitar, Charity played drums, Tabitha was lead singer and main composer, Judah did lighting (yes, they set the mood for both songs), and Moses was the roadie.

We also ran in the Chesterfield Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morn. It was cold. And actually, everyone had fun. The kids ran 1 mile (or less) and the grownups did a 5K. All the kids got medals. They were so proud. “This is my first medal ever“, Judah declared. Indeed.

Julie provided a great spread. We played too many games of 42. Dad should have quit on the 5th or 6th hand.

And then too soon, it was time to go home. Mimi and Papa traveled with us all the way (almost). Though we never swapped passengers, it was certainly reassuring to be together. LOTS of cell phone calls.

No camera so no pictures. Oh well.


UT Volleyball ’07 – a few games left

We’ve decided to go to Longhorn Volleyball games this year.  Though we got a slow start, we’ve seen quite a few of the later games.  In order, we’ve seen: Pepperdine (W 3-1), Nebraska (W 3-0), Texas A&M (W 3-1), and Texas Tech (W 3-0).  The horns have dropped 3 matches this year thus far to Nebraska (#2 after the Texas win)  at Lincoln and 2 to Penn State both (now #1) in State College.   We expect a co-Big Ten Championship at this point and have high hopes for the NCAA tournament.

Michelle (4) serving

net: Lauren Paolini, Juliann Faucette
behind: Michelle Moriarty, Alyson Jennings

left to right: Destiny Hooker, Lauren Paolini, and Michelle Moriarty

A few more shots are here.

All Hallows Eve ’07

Halloween tends to evoke 4 different responses from various religious people:

  1. Condemn – it is seen as a celebration or even worship of evil forces
  2. Retreat and protect – it’s a time to circle the wagons and have fun with others like us
  3. Ignore – it’s just another holiday – nothing special
  4. Embrace – when do you’re neighbors ever come knock on your door, you on theirs, and everyone has a smile about it

We had a great time this year. The gas grill and card table went on the front porch, lawn chairs and the candy bowl in the front yard, and the kids combed the neighborhood. As time wound down, down the street neighbors hung out at our house doing smores and talking.

Gotta make Jack-o-lanterns.

An efficient way to canvas the neighborhood.

A knot of trick-or-treaters and Copeland’s.

Our yard.

Yep. Just cookin’ hotdogs. Grill behind the column.

Doing smores. (That grill is hot, but probably not that hot.)

Eating hotdogs and smores.

Yeah, I’m cool.

Click here for all the pics.

Walk the Night for Caitlyn

Here are a few shots from the “Walk the Night” event to raise money, awareness, and hopes in the mission against cancer.

Most of Caitlyn’s friends were those from church.

Signing the sign.

Dell’s Children’s Medical

Caitlyn, dad, and friends

A few more pics are here.