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Ramping up to Christmas

Working backward a bit.

Tamara has established our Christmas card as one of her creative outlets. It’s become tradition, and each year takes a different turn. I think this year’s twist may catch some of you off guard.
Christmas Card 2009 - HI. HOW ARE YOU
Here’s the full set if you’re interested in the whole shoot.  This artwork is on the strip at UT.
Moses also decided a quick shot with this steer was a good idea…at least he did initially.
Mad boy disease
I find a lot of irony in this photo.

That same afternoon, we hiked a portion the Shoal Creek Greenbelt.  It divides UT West Campus from the Brykerwoods area.
Hiking Shoal Creek
We’d driven by so often.  Such a gem of a park. We’ll be back for sure.

Moses turned 7.  Wow!  Can he really be approaching a full decade?
Moses blowing out the candles
Mario cart racing was his theme, and everyone enjoyed themselves.  We decorated bikes, anchored streamers around the edge of our cul-de-sac, and raced until I got tired and they got disinterested.

Someone’s badly in need of exercise and a bike!

Tabitha’s winter choir concert was last week.  Here’s a sample:

Go to the set on Flickr to see all 7 songs.  (Some are truncated on Flickr and I’ll have to upload to YouTube instead.)