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Tabitha’s Baptism (and more summer)

1) Tabitha was baptized ot Camp Wyldewood on Wednesday, July 1st! One of Westover’s college students held “final” discussions with her and dunked her. God is so edgy like that! (The camera batteries died so I got *no* shots. Very disappointing.) This Sunday, she somewhat sadly told me that today was her first communion, and she observed it during Kids 2 Praise, Westover’s childrens worship. I can’t help but wonder if she was in fact closer to the Body of Christ there.

2) God is always training us to trust Him. Often, I’m uneasy with it at first, but then His love overwhelms me.

3) Anyone with some knowledge of Austin knows we “keep it wierd”. But the “Keep Houston Ugly” logo is downright funny.

4) I just finished reading “Teresa of Calcutta”. It was a book Tabitha read during homeschool. I intend to talk with her about it tonight. Like Teresa herself, the book’s focus remained on their work with the poorest of the poor and the blessings Christ brings.

5) Yesterday, our family hiked a couple of hours along the Barton Creek Greenbelt to Twin Falls and Sculpture Falls. The creek bed as completely dry, but the sun was moderate (for Texas), the breeze gentle, and our 2 dogs very encouraging. Then we dropped the dogs off and drove straight to a pool for swimming.