Yellowstone 2010

Just a slew of photos and videos. We were out a little over a week. Tons of fun. Majestic and powerful. Tender and refreshing. There’s nothing like walkie talkies from car to car, having Park Rangers yell “Sir, get down out of your sunroof while your vehicle is moving”, bear boxes, 30 degree nights and morning snow in June, climbing trees, building camp fires, and sharing all you have with family.


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  April Palmer wrote @

Gracious, I love Yellowstone. I left a little piece of my heart there in 1997 and I never got it back. There were two moments on that trip that I promised myself I’d never forget: the appearance of the full moon in duo, mirrored over the most placid lake and the feeling of the warm tendrils of moist air bubbling up and touching my face as I leaned over the fumaroles. It felt like God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

To take our kids there would be amazing. So glad you all got to go!

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