Crew Trips

This One Copeland Crew is planning on at least 3 large “Field Trips” this year.  This will be documented in the normal “Post” section unlike the “Field Trip” pages.

The first is Big Bend National Park.  Dates: Oct 3 – 7.  Lodging will be in the Chisos Mountain Lodge inside the park proper.  The exploration limits are boundless.  The second will be Grand Canyon National Park.  The plan is to do this in early Spring.  (We’ll see how early.)  Initial plans are to meet our great friends Matt and Tami Ogren, but nothing has been finalized yet.  A friend informed me yesterday that you can take helicopter rides into the gorge.  Oooo, Oooo.  I wanna do that!  The final Crew Trip is hopefully to Sequoia and Yosemite National Park, although I’m not sure we have the cash’ola for it.  My typical “wait and see” philosophy almost always ends in disappointment, so I guess I should get on the ball and budget these 2 other trips very soon.



  craig wrote @

The second ended up being to Red River, NM, since this one took place during the winter months and was an area well prepared for families with small, cold children.

  ccopeland wrote @

And the third ended up being so different, it’s tough to imagine. We instead went to Jasper Texas to attend the pre-event parade and the Jasper Lions Rodeo. We also went fishing and swimming at Lake Sam Rayburn.

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