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Field Trip #13 Low scores, High fever…. Bowling

13 an unlucky number? I think it must be true because it is cold and rainy and Mom is sick. But neither rain, cold, or 101 fever will keep this Mom from a Field Trip….

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Field trip #12- No Mom

Moses has sugar bugs! Those darn bugs have eaten through some of his teeth…
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Christmas in ole Memphis

Christmas time was again celebrated at Grandma and Pop’s. Tamara and the kids perpared the weeks before for a pageant to be performed in Memphis before all the families, with all the kids, and within a set of their own making and design. It was fantastic. Of course, Craig tried to video it all, but ran out of memory! Oh well. Maybe Uncle John will share his. The time spent with our oldest friends outshone everything else. The grandparents kept the children as the new parents dined out in style. There may only be a couple of blessings in my life more meaningful than my friendship with the Rubios. The Copelands do love the Rubios. (Perhaps more on this later.) Judah and dad spent lots of time throwing the football. Rockin’! And once the Wii was available, we all created our Wii Mii’s and played bowling, tennis, golf, baseball, and boxing. Wow! What fun.

On our way to Memphis, we passed through Hope, AR.

Time for the Advent Pageant

Oh yeah. Jack-jack and Pop havin’ fun

And Josiah decided to take a little break on top of Aunt Tamara and Charity

Santa brought an orange and a Wii

Hey dad, go long.

I wonder if DMac wears green pjs to bed

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