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I sometimes write on another blog.  Here’s something I finished last night: Glory, Holiness, and Suffering.


Normal School, Abnormal Life

Homeschooling last year was an amazing ride.  Calling every shot, grading every test, reading every book, the weekly dive into Friday discoveries, the quarterly grand adventures.  We became more aware of who everyone was.  Now, we’re living the western normality of school again.  Clusters of children clambering for attention. It’s predictable and familiar.  Surprisingly, homework is minimal.  And we’re definitely ready for the Junior Football season to conclude.  It hasn’t been pretty with every opportunity for growth except in how to win graciously.

The gift of our new home continues to amaze us.  The normality of school is a bit shocking.  Tam volunteers regularly employing her talents, her own education in assisting those with reading deficiencies.  She’s now certified with the City of Austin to substitute as well.  My own work progresses as well.  But with our new location has come new opportunities to be at UT more easily, more often.  Prayer on campus has become a staple.  The Campus House of Prayer, CHoP, is the center for the cross-section of Christians to encourage one another with their cry for the salvation of all those at the University of Texas.  With hundreds of different gatherings from about 100 different groups (their numbers are down a bit this year), their attempt is to have UT constantly covered in prayer.  You see, revival is a constant harmony and since 1997 they’ve sung the refrain.  Tam and I hope to place the college group from Westover squarely within that chorus.

Student leaders are beginning to step forward with our little group as well.  One wants to start an on campus organization so we can reach out more effectively.  Another in the Radio-TV-Film (RTF) dept at UT shoots, edits, and generally motivates our efforts in this communication.  Several others, concerned for family and friends, has begun to sincerely requesting our prayers and reminding us regularly.  To some, this may seem normal.  To us, it’s the signs of life, growth, and health for our little band of brothers.  And when it all comes down, this is where we sacrifice.  This is God’s call for our family.  This is our passion.  And we couldn’t be happier, more joyful, or more excited about what He is planning next.