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A moving update

Our home went on the market on May 2nd after several months of projects on the house. Over the next two weeks, there was an average of 1 showing each day. And then we were notified that an offer had been received. After offer, counter-offer, we were within 2% of the asking price. Next came the inspection. Often, it’s not a big deal, or it merely communicates known issues, but not this time. The first item on the list, a small, barely visible crack on the ceiling in the kitchen, stopped me cold. The result was to provide a bit of panic over the next day or so. After talking with an experienced contractor who is one of our church’s elders, we scheduled a date to fix it. The date landed just days before the closing though. And though it turned out to be nothing more than a weakened seam, the buyers saw fit to complain about the repair. Honestly, it looked as seamless as I’ve ever seen patched texturing look. But our friend from church promised to work with them after he returned from his vacation. There were a few other difficulties in closing, but this was the primary one. I am very greatly relieved that the headache of the sale is done.

And now, we’re camping. Of course, looking for homes becomes of upmost importance. Actually, on Memorial Day, we barely missed out on a good opportunity. It apparently was leased and not reported. Our realtor was very unhappy about it, and it was nearly a crushing blow to our emotions as well. We’ve recovered since then, but homelessness is emotional too. So, tomorrow I go to view some other (much more highly priced) houses. Pray that we find our home.