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Totally skipped January

Well, any look at our blog would either convince you that we’ve quit blogging, or something big has happened that’s kept us away. Hmmmmmm. Well, we haven’t quit. And I nothing monumental has prevented new blog posts. So, what is it?

You know, living in God’s grace is helping me be more at peace with our life. And working together with Tamara more fluidly may be a fallout of those blessings of peace. The crazy thing is, there’s so much I have no control over. And so, spending time elsewhere has just seemed to make sense.

In recent days, a worship event called FUSION has taken a lot of our time. No details here[, but feel free to ask me]. And over the last 3 weeks, our focus on working with the college group has boomed. Not only are we in the wonderful throws event planning, teaching, and intense prayer, but the people God blesses us with continues to grow steadily. But thank Him, he’s providing some internal leadership too. What an amazing set of folks to share our life with!!! God bless Lara Leigh and Andy Ewing!

And our children. Wow! They constantly amaze us. Charity is once again teaching us faith. [Yep, ask me.] And Judah! His humble, fighting spirit is absolutely incredible. [Ask me.] And Moses is just so precious except for early in the morning. Thanks for training me on this Aunt Kate! But it’s time to intro Moses to book reading together. What a great time. And Judah is really encouraging this. What awesome kids! But Tabitha may be the most incredible. So many changes going on. So much emotion with that. (Oh, we remember it, don’t we!) And yet, she’s learning how to hold humility in one hand and sincere pride in the other. That’s a tough cup to drink! [You can ask me, but I’m not sure I could explain any better. Could you explain your Jr Hi experiences?]

And finally, one surreal event: watching Marlon Brown on ESPN-U in the MHA gym from my break room in Austin. I think GA was a good choice. No, I think Mark Richt was a good choice.