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Nothing to see here…

No really. I’ve got no pics to share. Kinda sad.

Tabitha is rockin’ along with choir and playing the flute in the band.  Occasionally scrambling to complete a project is back.  It’s a horrid feeling.  She also becoming very dependable around the house now.  What a blessing.

Charity is really loving her 5th grade year.  She set a goal last week to read 4 of the Lemony Snicket books within the week.  She completed 3.  There’s still no one (except Tamara) who loves our new house more.

Judah’s life consists of a growing enjoyment for school (though he still regularly says he hates it), and football.  I so hope his team can grab just 1 win this year.  I can see huge leaps in Judah, and can attribute much to his new school.

Moses is the most popular Copeland around.  He attended 3 seperate birthday parties this last weekend.  1 was a kid from his actual class.  He’s getting some special help with letters and number in both school and home.  He’s really eating it up.

Tamara received her official substitute teacher badge in the mail this week.  She’s toarn as to how to feel about the possibilities.  The guitar lessons with Kim are going remarkably well.  Our home is in wonderful order with new plans developing all the time.

One amusing note.  While getting to relax a bit on Sunday, I heard a noise outside the window.   (No, it wasn’t the train.)  I opened the blinds and found Tabitha and Charity up the Pecan tree on the south side of the house.  They had a number of pieces of lumber up there and Tabitha with hammer in hand.  The boards were running between 2 limbs, but at almost a 45 degree angle.  I’m trying to imagine who’ll be sitting on that…or how.