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This is a time of the year when transition often occurs. Football and volleyball ends. Basketball begins. The simple tasks of the early weeks of school complete, and the more demanding projects and lessons begin. The budgets of the previous year push toward prioritizing final expenditures, so that next year’s budgets know how to begin.

Judah and Tabitha are done. The seasons completed as most do…with a sigh. You’re sad to end on a loss, and happy to have known your teammates, your new friends. Charity, Judah, and Moses will soon take up basketball. I’ve already seen some of the schooling transition. We’re ready for it…mostly.

There was one transition I wasn’t ready for. Blue Coat Systems has decided on a new direction and business model, which doesn’t including having an office in Austin, Texas. So, now I’m beginning the processes of finding new employment. It’s been about 5 days, and the shock is wearing off. Of comfort is the six month buffer and decent severance offered. Now it’s discovering where my next transition will be.