Nothing to see here!

From the stats that WordPress gives us, there are a few of you that come around occasionally to see if there’s anything new. Not really…since at least September.

The fall football and volleyball schedule was busy, but fun. Charity and Moses had birthdays both heavily celebrated. Charity parties with her friends each year now at “The Hoot”, Highland Park Elem Halloween carnival. And Mo invited our college friends, his cousins, and the neighbors to play Muggle Quidditch with us in our cove. No broken bones, but most of us were plenty sore the next day.

Thanksgiving was great with family in Memphis, and Christmas was spent in Austin with Mimi and Papa coming for a visit just before. It was the Christmas of bikes, AirSoft guns, boots, and Misty – the parakeet.

Tamara has been doing a stint as a permanent substitute for a teacher in the Special Needs area at our elem school. That started in Nov and ends at the end of the month. It’s been quite a ride with some incredible stories. Tam is one of those amazing people that can handle intense situations and come out the other side with everyone knowing that the best possible outcome was reached. She’s also able to fully enjoy herself and draw everyone else into the joy she finds.

I’m sorry about the missing photos below. I was scammed back in Dec to think someone had a particular type of puppy to offer, but was just phishing for information. By the grace of God, my neighbors John and Paige helped me see the situation clearly. I don’t often fall for that stuff, but we all have times of stupidity. I will likely re-enable access to the photos below. And if you do like checking our flickr account, then let me know. You can create a free account on flickr and send a friend request to TamaraCamera.

By the way, I hate cedar/juniper pollen!!! ahhhhchoooo x 5.


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