Field Trip #15 – San Marcos “Spending Spree”

For this trip we delved into the mysterious world of finances. Now, over the years Pop (dad’s dad) has consistently shipped rolls quarters over 600 miles for every birthday. And every child gets some every time. So, over the years there’s been a good bit of practice. It’s a good thing to get some experience with the handling of cash-o-la. So it was off to the shopping capitol of Texas, San Marcos. There are 100’s of stores in the outlet mall that dominates the landscape of this mid-sized town. Tamara and the kids spent several hours with a goal in mind: 1) purchase something I need, and 2) purchase something I want. Each had 20 bucks. All managed to spend the cash. However, one of the things that Tamara emphasized on the front end was the grace of giving. Finding a way to give at least 10% back to the Giver was the plan. This last Sunday Tabitha dropped $4 into the plate. The other children found other ways of giving as well.

We’re here.

Yep, we’re really here

Some “wants”.

More “wants”.

More pics can be found here.


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