All Hallows Eve ’07

Halloween tends to evoke 4 different responses from various religious people:

  1. Condemn – it is seen as a celebration or even worship of evil forces
  2. Retreat and protect – it’s a time to circle the wagons and have fun with others like us
  3. Ignore – it’s just another holiday – nothing special
  4. Embrace – when do you’re neighbors ever come knock on your door, you on theirs, and everyone has a smile about it

We had a great time this year. The gas grill and card table went on the front porch, lawn chairs and the candy bowl in the front yard, and the kids combed the neighborhood. As time wound down, down the street neighbors hung out at our house doing smores and talking.

Gotta make Jack-o-lanterns.

An efficient way to canvas the neighborhood.

A knot of trick-or-treaters and Copeland’s.

Our yard.

Yep. Just cookin’ hotdogs. Grill behind the column.

Doing smores. (That grill is hot, but probably not that hot.)

Eating hotdogs and smores.

Yeah, I’m cool.

Click here for all the pics.

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