It’s very strange not having a house to call your own. I don’t mean living in an apartment. It’s the fact that you know you’ve got to move on soon; that this place where we’re at is temporary. That “your things” will be packed up (or thrown together), and you set out for somewhere else. It is disquieting. I’m beginning to get a better feel for “the Son of Man had no place to rest his head”. Here’s a quick rundown on the temporary housing front:
1) Camping at Emma Long Metro Park
2) Hotel in Searcy
3) Hanging with Ma and Pa Copeland in Memphis
4) House sitting for the one mortgage owning Copeland family in Austin
5) Spending the night in Round Rock with the greatest and kindest mentors at Westover
6) Extended Stay America on 183/Oak Knoll in Austin
7) Weekend in Little Rock with my favorite 3rd cousin’s parents
8 ) Crashing with brother Todd while his family works the kinks outta their car in Searcy
9) (Future) A week in Pearsall Tejas with Ma and Pa Brack while doin’ VBS
10) (Future) Craig continues his imposition with the Todd Copeland’s (probably)
11) (Future) An Emma Long reprise tour (perhaps)
12) (Future) And if all goes to plan, the big move in!!! God willing and the creek don’t rise.

Yep. That’s right. We’ve got a contract pending on a home. It is way more than we could have hoped for or imagined. Close to 45th and Mopac, 5005 Highland Court is crazy…amazingly! central. I must admit, the much wished-for walking distance to UT (or UT bus route) doesn’t seem to have been fulfilled. But in every other way, this particular place fits the bill. Way more room than possibly thought, fantastic schools, a great place for the kids to play (please tell me “riding bikes and shooting hoops in edge of the cul-de-sac” != “playing in the street”), easy driving distance to UT, secluded neighborhood with lots of parking, and best-of-all an owner who would sell to us!

It took 3 heartbreaks, 4 attempts, 4 houses, and about 4 weeks to come to where we are. Memorial Day pain on Wilmes, Leralynn jilting on the June 13th, a Leralynn quandary reprise on June 20th, and 7611 Watson no-response mystery for 6 days until the acceptance of a contract on Wednesday, July 3rd, for a Highland Court residence. The Watson enigma is baffling. According to the very reputable selling agents, the sellers had been wonderful to work with and always responsive with the other 3 or 4 homes they’d flipped. The lack of response was more than curious and I’m sure frustrating to them. (The house remains “active” on the market today.) And the strange behavior of the Leralynn owner …well… let’s just say that getting out of the real estate sector (he was selling off “a number” of houses in the UT area) is definitely a wise decision.

While talking with my wonderful brother-in-law, his analysis was “wow! God has lead you to the right place regardless or in spite of or perhaps due to the hardships along the way. He really has blessed your faithfulness.” Jon’s right. We are amazingly blessed. Our performance was not grand. Our faith was even mustard-seed in size. However, I foresee blessings in greater faith in Him for future events. What adventures are yet in store for us? Only time will tell. Only faith will take us there. Only God will provide.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.


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