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Judah and Jager make Headlines with AISD

Judah and Jager pose with Ms Workman during the visit from Austin ISD Superintendent, Meria Carstarphen.  This photo made it onto the Super’s blogsite about her visits to each and every AISD school.  Click here to read the Highland Park entry.


Ramping up to Christmas

Working backward a bit.

Tamara has established our Christmas card as one of her creative outlets. It’s become tradition, and each year takes a different turn. I think this year’s twist may catch some of you off guard.
Christmas Card 2009 - HI. HOW ARE YOU
Here’s the full set if you’re interested in the whole shoot.  This artwork is on the strip at UT.
Moses also decided a quick shot with this steer was a good idea…at least he did initially.
Mad boy disease
I find a lot of irony in this photo.

That same afternoon, we hiked a portion the Shoal Creek Greenbelt.  It divides UT West Campus from the Brykerwoods area.
Hiking Shoal Creek
We’d driven by so often.  Such a gem of a park. We’ll be back for sure.

Moses turned 7.  Wow!  Can he really be approaching a full decade?
Moses blowing out the candles
Mario cart racing was his theme, and everyone enjoyed themselves.  We decorated bikes, anchored streamers around the edge of our cul-de-sac, and raced until I got tired and they got disinterested.

Someone’s badly in need of exercise and a bike!

Tabitha’s winter choir concert was last week.  Here’s a sample:

Go to the set on Flickr to see all 7 songs.  (Some are truncated on Flickr and I’ll have to upload to YouTube instead.)


This is a time of the year when transition often occurs. Football and volleyball ends. Basketball begins. The simple tasks of the early weeks of school complete, and the more demanding projects and lessons begin. The budgets of the previous year push toward prioritizing final expenditures, so that next year’s budgets know how to begin.

Judah and Tabitha are done. The seasons completed as most do…with a sigh. You’re sad to end on a loss, and happy to have known your teammates, your new friends. Charity, Judah, and Moses will soon take up basketball. I’ve already seen some of the schooling transition. We’re ready for it…mostly.

There was one transition I wasn’t ready for. Blue Coat Systems has decided on a new direction and business model, which doesn’t including having an office in Austin, Texas. So, now I’m beginning the processes of finding new employment. It’s been about 5 days, and the shock is wearing off. Of comfort is the six month buffer and decent severance offered. Now it’s discovering where my next transition will be.

End of School 2008-2009

The end of the school year fast approaches. Charity wrapped up fifth grade with a Greek extravaganza. Her class performed 4 different plays, her’s being the story of King Midas. Tabitha completed Disney Darlings where all the choirs and some of the band and art students participated in the dinner show. Tab helped construct the choreography for their group. She brought home the “Rising Star” trophy that is given to a sixth grader, and I believe the only award for that grade. And earlier this month, she received an award for the completion of her flute regimen, and announced to me that she earned 4th chair overall for 6-8th grades.  Judah happily completed his state required testing for 3rd grade. He continues to read with me most evenings, but has finished off homework for the year. Their 3rd grade classes seemed to spend this last month on a tour of Austin and the surrounding area taking field trip after field trip. I felt sorry for those teachers. That’s hard work. And Moses seems to be at a birthday party every week. I wonder if this will continue into the summer.

As we come upon the cusp of our first full summer in our new home, it appears that someone will be gone from home almost every day in June, and most of them in July. I’m anticipating a bit of a roller coaster. More updates on these events as they roll past.

Normal School, Abnormal Life

Homeschooling last year was an amazing ride.  Calling every shot, grading every test, reading every book, the weekly dive into Friday discoveries, the quarterly grand adventures.  We became more aware of who everyone was.  Now, we’re living the western normality of school again.  Clusters of children clambering for attention. It’s predictable and familiar.  Surprisingly, homework is minimal.  And we’re definitely ready for the Junior Football season to conclude.  It hasn’t been pretty with every opportunity for growth except in how to win graciously.

The gift of our new home continues to amaze us.  The normality of school is a bit shocking.  Tam volunteers regularly employing her talents, her own education in assisting those with reading deficiencies.  She’s now certified with the City of Austin to substitute as well.  My own work progresses as well.  But with our new location has come new opportunities to be at UT more easily, more often.  Prayer on campus has become a staple.  The Campus House of Prayer, CHoP, is the center for the cross-section of Christians to encourage one another with their cry for the salvation of all those at the University of Texas.  With hundreds of different gatherings from about 100 different groups (their numbers are down a bit this year), their attempt is to have UT constantly covered in prayer.  You see, revival is a constant harmony and since 1997 they’ve sung the refrain.  Tam and I hope to place the college group from Westover squarely within that chorus.

Student leaders are beginning to step forward with our little group as well.  One wants to start an on campus organization so we can reach out more effectively.  Another in the Radio-TV-Film (RTF) dept at UT shoots, edits, and generally motivates our efforts in this communication.  Several others, concerned for family and friends, has begun to sincerely requesting our prayers and reminding us regularly.  To some, this may seem normal.  To us, it’s the signs of life, growth, and health for our little band of brothers.  And when it all comes down, this is where we sacrifice.  This is God’s call for our family.  This is our passion.  And we couldn’t be happier, more joyful, or more excited about what He is planning next.