Volleyball – Fall 2009

We’re now well into volleyball season.  Tabitha, now being a 7th grader, is allowed to participate.  And I must say, she participates _extremely_ well.  I don’t mean that as a boast.  There are certainly things that she must improve in order to play at the next level (i.e., high school).  But I felt so proud watching her on the court last Thursday.  The coach has made her setter.  I feel torn about it.  At this level, she’ll be fortunate to get more than 6 sets all year.  And any kills will probably be on poor “pass overs”.  But, it’s a position of leadership and respect for her abilities.

They won their game of Thursday, 25-10, 25-11, with Tabitha serving out the final points.  Very cool.  But I had to remind her afterward that the more competitive teams (due to their financial access to volleyball clubs) were still to come, so take it one game at a time.  And that her competitive advantage was unique due to UT volleyball camp this summer, and her (our) life-long love of this game giving her a focus on getting better.

Full set of photos.


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  Christiana wrote @

She has grown up! Setters have always been pretty cool in my opinion.

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