Summer in full swing

The first camp of the summer has come and is about to go. I’ve been incredibly pleased with Westover’s VIP camp. Grades 2 – 5 go off with the Children’s Ministers, Youth Leaders, and whole batches of High School counselors and some parents. Though our children came in knowing very few of their Sunday classmates, they come home raving about new friends and grand festivities lovingly crafted by their fearless (and they are fearless) leaders.

And now a full family vacation is on the cusp. And the Florida Gluf is on the menu. I hope some fresh fish too. Grandma LOVES the beach. But not necessarily the water. It’s a bit of an oxymoron, but one we all live with. You see, Betty doesn’t swim. But she sure can read, build sandcastles, and track down little dudes with ease. And Pop? Well, sand nor sea is his cup of tea. I think this is why we went camping on the “off years”. Though they’ve both managed to make brilliant concessions. Either it’s been plush seafood feasts or the purchase, transport, and assembly of luxury camping items. It’s something that I should truly take note of.

Meanwhile, Tamara, Tabitha, and Moses romp around Austin. And then the next few days line up as prep for the big trip.


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