Living with the animals

No, I don’t mean my children.  Over the course of this summer we’ve experienced some pretty amazing wildlife right here in the heart of Tejas.  Here are the highlights:

1. Judah catching baby alligator gar in Lake Austin (pics already posted in previous post). It lived with us for about 3 days.

2. Judah catching multiple red slider turtles in Lake Austin (pics already posted).  It lived in Moses’ fish tank for about 3 days.

3. A single parrot, at first presumably an escapee, foraging early one morning with a group of black birds at Emma Long Metro Park.  As we jogged on by, we spooked the flock and they all flew off together.  He’d found a surrogate flock.

4. I watched a mother deer as she hoofed a German Shepherd almost to death.  The 100 lb dog, actually part of a small pack, aggressively protecting her yard never stood a chance.  A pair of week-old fawns stood timidly toward the rear of the yard.

5. Here in our new neighborhood, a whole flock of parrots mixed with a few black birds, fluttered up into the tree tops as we approached them while jogging just a few weeks ago.  These had obviously migrated up here from down south.

6. I watched a pair of gray foxes, which were ghost like in appearance, skirt the edge of our campsite at Emma Long.

7. The whole family watched in horror as a banded-water snake slid across Lake Austin, onto shore a few feet from our swimming area, being pull by a terrified frog.  As the frog helplessly croaked out it’s call for help, the snake slowly swallowed its prey from the frogs feet up over its head and then moved it down its throat/neck/belly/body.  A truly horrendous sight.  A national geographic experience like none other.

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