Easter Festivities, Frivolity, and Focus

Easter day was a tremendous blessing this year. Though we did not dive into Lent like I wish we had, we were completely blessed by a wonderful Sunday.  I must mention that Friday and Saturday for my girls was spent in a convention center in Dallas. Much scripture was quoted! How much was Christ glorified? Perhaps the worst part was the drive for them and other friends who managed to make their way to Dallas on those days. The boys and I spent Friday at home, at work (and they were so good), at Lake Pflugerville, and cooking steaks and watching old Voltron episodes on Netflix instant view.  Saturday was boring though.  Dad did spring cleaning like window washing.  Again, the boys were tremendously patient.  NCAA basketball kept the house even louder though.

But Sunday, ahhhhh. Eggs were strewn about. Moses went racing around (even though he is not a morning person). And when Judah and Charity discovered he was finding $$ in the eggs, they got involved too! Tam and I made sticky monkey bread with cream cheese (gorilla bread). Then off to church. Tamara directed class as from Luke we worked through the garden, the arrest, detention, humiliation, the walk, crucifixion, Christ’s death, and His glorious resurrection.  And through it all we pondered the temptation thrust upon various individuals, their feelings and responses. Then we wondered about Saturday!  What happened?  The gospels say nothing much other than fearfulness. How long that day must have been! The conversation peppered with what might have been and what did he mean when he said….  Did they remember chapter 18? Who grasped it in earnest hope? We’re told of no one.  So, what do we think our “Saturdays” are any different? I don’t know, but class was inspiring!

And our time of worship was wonderful too. It seems that Kevin was borrowing from Tamara’s notes, or the Spirit was tickling 2 sets of ears last week. The rest of our day… a Sabbath rest.  God be praised!

Baskets stuffed with goodies.

Finding eggs

Charity’s artwork for LTC ’08:  “Here I am. I’m listening.”

Click here for more Easter fun.


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