Crew Trip #2 – Red River, Part III

This is the third of a multipart post.

Once officially in Red River, tensions cooled and playtime began. We were situated in a very nice location and wonderfully affordable. (Next time we venture thus, we’ll take lots of food and eat “at home”, at least at night.) Once set up sufficiently, we bundled up and headed out for some tubing. It was great and surprisingly Moses was fearless. “Spin me please” his little high-pitched voice gently commanded the college aged attendant at the top of the hill. The next few times he chose to go “straight, please”. We enjoyed a very nice meal across the street that evening and retired. The winds blew fierce all night and even caused brief power outages. But no harm, no foul.

On our first full day of Red River, we headed off to the Enchanted Forest for a snowshoeing adventure. We parked up top and walked down and up into the little community of homes. In the back, about 1/2 a mile from the road, and several hundred feet up, was our days destination. We entered a smallish home-office and called out over the walky-talky for help and another young man soon arrived on a snow mobile. Renting and strapping on our new shoes, we proceeded to shoe about. Good exercise, we stayed on our toes for an hour or so. No one wanted to fall, for that meant certain bone chilling powder flowing up your pant legs and down the nape. We ate a lunch of Raman (nice and warm) and headed back out for a longer hike. Venturing a few miles, we ended up back on the couches of the office, chatting nicely with one another and a few other visitors and locals – cc skiers mainly. A nice older lady packed us all into her 4×4 and took us back to our van. Turns out, her store was situated directly below our room! How God does work! We went to visit her and her husband later that day. After another nice meal across the other street, Tam and I dropped the kids at home with Disney, and sauntered in the frosty air for a bit.

Our last day in RR, we spent doing school, exploring the town, and throwing snowballs. This was actually my favorite day. For breakfast, we hung out at a cute little bakery and coffee spot, across the street. After retrieving our study material, Tab and I talked economics, Charity read, and mom and Judah did history and reading. The young lady served us coffee all morning. We left and found some ideal ice breaking locations (once again) near our abode. Hurling hard-packed snow at timidly and delicately formed ice…ahhhh, satisfying! We broke whole snowbanks free of their river view. Also, we strolled past much of the little town and eat lunch… yep, across the street. (All 4 meals were at different shops.) Then, mom went shopping. Judah and dad got some glasses, Tabitha a green knit hat, mom a RR tee shirt, and Moses and Charity plush animals. We tubed that evening again, and ate in the room. You know, I think my kids and my wife love the Disney channel.

Fortunately, the drive back was completely uneventful except for a few early outbursts as dad negotiated the 7:00 am snow. Downhill on packed snow…not too fun. Happily, no blizzards had visited us that night. The 15 hours didn’t fly by, but were enjoyable. What an extremely nice adventure.

The bridge and little area near our place.

Mom and Mo tubing

Judah tubing

A pair of beauties…with snowshoes

Deep powder

Up to our room

The pedestrian bridge

The non-pedestrian bridge.

No, she’s not thinking about hitting Charity here, just river ice.

See. I told you.

Tons of fun.

And icicles.

And some more.

And one more.


I think I go this way.

All the way up.

For all of our wonderful RR photos, go here.

I think there’s 1 more video of Mo tubing, here.

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