Crew Trip #2 – Red River, Part I

This is the first of a multipart post.

We left for Red River after class on Sunday morning. For the most part we drove from Austin to Abilene to Lubbock to Clovis, NM to Fort Sumner. The wind turbines were cool to see. Like the oil pumps that litter the landscape, they might start to be an eye sore until they eventually blend with the rest of the environment. The turbines became less fascinating in Lubbock when our van refused to start! After a few minutes of desperation, it once again decided to start. Directly to Advance Auto Parts, we tested the battery and alternator. Unfortunately (in a manner of speaking), both were deemed good by the good manager there. A nice chap, if not a bit talkative, reassured us our battery was good to go, but in passing mentioned to keep an eye on the starter. (Sound advice! I wish I had just thought to say, “Hey, do ya got one lying around here and could you give me a few pointers putting one on? (I had watched a friend replace our solonoid a few years before while in the driveway. How hard could a starter be?)) We continued on to Fort Sumner for the evening in that one hotel town, the renowned death place of not-so-old Billy the Kid. The “other” attraction was the Billy the Kid museum. Riiiiight. The van started fine and we drove on currently unawares of the trial that still lay before us.

On our way.

The wind turbines.

Still on our way.

Thanks for the check up!

Check back for more to come and the continuing saga.

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