The Advent

Like many celebrations, Christmas was subsumed by resourceful, efficient, creative and provocative Christians. Where Jesus fulfills the festive gatherings of the Jewish people, Christians sculpt and redefine the pagan into something acceptable. To avoid drifting into blatant and crass materialism, we’re attempting to reclaim some ritual aspects of the Advent. Prayer and readings every evening. Candle lighting once a week. A focus on giving to those with less. And an Advent pagent.

Tamara has even drawn Christa into the excitement. This last week they and the kids worked on the set for the play to be performed in Memphis. The saws were busy.

Also, Tamara and the girls were busy all day today with sewing costumes for themselves, cousins, and friends. A mighty task for 1 day. The work will be rewarded, I know. A script is floating around in Tam’s head. Tomorrow, we mine for gold. I probably type while she dictates. Oh what fun it is to type…or is that ride?

Sawing away.


This should do nicely.

For a few more, click here.


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