Big Bend – Days 1.5 through 5

I can’t really fit all the rest of the stories into 1 post. Hopefully, my precious girls and Judah will help to do this over this week in their own blogs.

We’re off. Bye Dad! (Chill. Dad is trying to add a few days to the life of the van! And this gets a lot better mileage.)

Are you crapin’ me negative?

I guess not. The might Rio Pecos!

Spanning the Pecos. (Uncle Bob would have been in heaven.)

Careful there little missy! Judge Roy Bean is one of the most renown far west figures of the early 20th century. This is his actual courtroom and saloon. Gives a new meaning to the phrase “Belly up to the Bar”.


And here we are…finally!

Our first sight of real Texas Mountains, the Chisos.

To get to the lodge, we twist around the edge and up into those mountains. This is just one of the many majestic peaks within the range.

From the porch of our room. Mama mia!

“The Window” is the gap in the mountains where the Chisos drains its run-off. The drop off into the desert floor is hundreds of feet.

Off to hike “the window trail”.

We found a few of our little friends along the way.

The “Mule Ears”.

Do you think we could stand in the shade, cause I don’t think I want to swim. (The Rio Grande)

Most of these are bear tracks, but that’s as close as we got to one. Shucks! Papa was gunning for a mountain lion!

More Rio Grande

Out of the mountains. Across the desert. Over the horizon. Through the window. (Thanks Charity!)

We’re ready…

…well, maybe not!

Papa made it out, but just barely.

If that’s the window, I wonder what the door looks like!

Great photo!

Here comes the sun. Here goes the Crew. Bye Big Bend!

For all the Big Bend National Park photos, click here.

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