Big Bend – Day 1 and 1.5

Like most of the Field Trips, everyone’s going except dad. Even Mimi and Papa (Tam’s folks) are going! They met up in Pearsall to spend Wednesday evening. The Crew got there early to play with cousins, Joseph and Jacob, and to see Joseph’s new baby hogs. (Pictures to be posted later.) If things go well, as it did last year, Joseph will show them in next Frio County 4H Livestock Show.

At this point, I’ve received 4 phone calls from the Crew en route. The cell phone signal is sketchy at best and have been cut off each time. The first from Tabitha, “Dad, I’m a little tired of driving all….” The second was from a Milton notifying me of all phone numbers and those of the lodge to be forwarded once they arrived.

The third from Sanderson, Texas where they lunched. At the local Dairy King [Yes, I got the name right. No, the owner, I suppose, is blissfully protected due to his remote location and unaware of the fact that only cows=queens actually give milk=dairy], a young child struck up a conversation with the Crew, obviously starved for social interaction (again due to his remote location). When asked about his schooling he declares “those school folks is all crooked. Mama says they just ain’t right. And you know, they don’t likes me much on account of the fact I’m gonna be in law enforcement round here. They’re obviously a bit scared o’ me.  So, how long are you in for?” I suppose he was asking about the trip and not a future incarceration. Tamara said he was about 5 years old.  Also, at this location, a local Pest Control service was advertising their ability to rid your property of skunks, beavers, cougars, and coyotes. Wished I had a picture of that ad.

The fourth was from Papa’s satellite car phone saying that they had just crossed into Big Bend.

I don’t like being left out. So much fun to be had. So many new experiences.

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