Coach Craig again, for the first time

After a little discussion, Tamara and I decided that I should volunteer to coach Tabitha’s volleyball team. The Round Rock park commission was asking for parent volunteers having run about 3 coaches short for the 11-13 yr old volleyball group. My last coaching stint was in 2005 as head coach for the 7th & 8th grade B-team at Brentwood Christian. Actually, this was much more challenging than coaching the A-team, and I loved it.

My volleyball experience is limited to playing (a lot) in college for intramural sports and competitive club ball. However, most of my real education came on the front lawn of Harding University with players from the west coast schooling me every chance they got.

Though Charity and Judah have played sports, I’ve not coached their teams. So, it’s a bit strange that even though Tabitha is the oldest, that this is her first opportunity to play and I get to coach her. Pretty cool. Also, Tabitha is wonderfully competitive, focused, and determined. We’ve been working on her volleyball for about 4 years now. As long as she doesn’t try to get “fancy”, she’ll do fine.

Practices: Tuesdays @ 6pm.

I just recently noticed that I’m not on here anywhere….So, hello there.


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