Getting our Books!

So finally, in mid August, the shipment arrived. We couldn’t believe how many books you could pack into so few boxes!

And here we go.

So excited, I can’t keep my shirt on.

Wait…what is that one. Can I see too?

Flashing the “Bibles are cool” sign. Better watch out, dude.

Drop and give me 20…problems. It’s a mathematics workout.

Nope, karate doesn’t work against the power of the mind.


Ok now Judah. You sit there and pretend to be really into this book. Ok…hold it…give me a little smile…got it. Ok…

…time for video games.

Charity pleasantly overwhelmed by the magnitude of the material.

And now we share a bit of the excitement.

And a few days later….

For all the pictures, just click here.

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